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    Dokumentární fotografie, fotožurnalistika – to vše je zejména o zkušenostech, o životě, pohledu na svět, o schopnosti najít to zajímavé a podstatné. Technika nehraje roli, není podstatná.


    Budeme se bavit o tom, proč jste si vybrali téma a jak mu rozumíte. O vašich pocitech a nadhledu, budeme hledat nové cesty, posouvat přemýšlení. Probereme jak vůbec připravit dokumentární projekt, jak hledat spolupracovníky, fixery, jak komunikovat.


    A editovat, editovat....



Pictures make me think, look for links, relationships, they force me to get up even when I don't want to do anything, they force me to knock on doors and ask questions. They are my tool to become aware of the world and make my own opinion.

Petr Toman is a documentary photographer and journalist. After several years of work for a daily he abandoned traditional journalism and moved his focus to long-term social-documentary projects.


His main topics cover traumatic and post-traumatic psychological wounds of war veterans or people confronted with extreme violence or political changes.


For several years Toman has been capturing psychological and social impact of Chernobyl catastrophe on life of people of northern Ukraine.


In the past year he has intensively covered war in Eastern Ukraine and its impact on human psyche. Together with stories of people whose lives have been affected by the conflict Toman's pictures are telling of changing values of things and deeds.


Toman has been long cooperating with one of the legends of world photojournalism Antonin Kratochvil. In 2014 he was short-listed in the Mentor programme of VII agency.


Toman is a regular prize grabber in international competitions POYi, The Best of Photojournalism NPPA, Czech Press Photo, IPA Award, SocialDocumentary. While he publishes in Reportér Magazín, Echo 24, ČiliChili, The Prager Zeitung.


Petr also continues to study photography at Institute of Creative Photography (ITF) of Silesian University Opava, CZ.





Central and East Europe photojournalism

An independent photojournalistic project of a Czech photojournalist Petr Toman covering social issues within East and Central Europe