Central and East Europe photojournalism

2014–2015 *  UKRAINE

War is something to survive

Of the beast spreading in the bodies and souls of adults and children.

It’s war when a psychologist is scared stiff. When a chaplain takes up a machinegun. When the asylums are full throughout Ukraine. When students collect bodies after a battle. War is the scream and yell of a mother. War is a mental shock to an infant just months old. War is invalids that nobody was able to evacuate.


The Czech photojournalist Petr Toman collects interviews in Ukraine on the subject: How war changes mankind. He collects them from Kiev to Kharkov, in Lviv, in Dnipropetrovsk. On the front line, in psychiatric clinics, in the dark apartments of decrepit pre-fab blocks. Because there is more to war than the front line and its victims. It is a beast that sprawls across Ukraine, in the thoughts, bodies and dreams of both adults and children.


Petr Toman’s war isn’t about searching for a culprit or stories from the front. It’s about the stories of ordinary people who offer an unusual, even chilling view behind the scenes of the war in Ukraine.

(Vaclav Havel Library speech, Praha 20015)


‣ This ongoing project is still in its infancy. For more interviews, photos and reportages, please follow our Facebook to stay up-to-date.

Sample interview

  • Contributors

    Denis Krischenko, Svetlana Tavanceva, Elena Podolyan, Ivan Grebenjuk, Olga Vařechová, Jakub Kašpárek, Martin Groman. My thanks go out to all these people, without whose help and support I could't get to work in Ukraine and then postprocess all the material in the Czech Republic.

An independent photojournalistic project of a Czech photojournalist Petr Toman covering social issues within East and Central Europe